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Gadisov Duck Under

The Gadisov Duck Under

The Duck Under is one of the most important techniques in wrestling as it opens into many other different wrestling positions and techniques. We discuss a variation of the common…

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Folkstyle Wrestling

Folkstyle Wrestling 101

Everything you need to know about Folkstyle Wrestling Wrestling is a sport that dates back centuries in human history. You can find traces of wrestling events in ancient Greece, Mongolia,…

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the Stieber Snap Artwork

The Stieber Snap

Over the years, there has been a lot of light on the Russian Wrist Snap, especially after the famous YouTube Wrestling video of the move being performed at the American…

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J'den Cox

J’den Cox: Wrestling Gem

The United States has a reputation for producing some of the world's top-class athletes. Whether it be in the field of gymnastics, swimming, boxing, wrestling, etc., they have it all.…


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