The Gadisov Duck Under

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The Duck Under is one of the most important techniques in wrestling as it opens into many other different wrestling positions and techniques. We discuss a variation of the common duck under called the Gadisov Duck Under, which is a very smart setup that when done correctly, works like a charm.

One of the best wrestlers that had an absolutely amazing duck under was Abdusalam Gadisov from Russia. Gadisov is a Dagestani born Russian wrestler who is one of the bess wrestlers of all time.

Who is Abdusalam Gadisov?

Gadisov was known for his extremely fast, powerful, and dynamic style of wrestling that always had new variations to orthodox wrestling techniques. Gadisov was a World Freestyle Wrestling Champion and Russian National Wrestling Champion, he is considered one of the best Russian wrestlers of all time.

This specific Dagestani wrestling duck under was used by Gadisov to dominate in the World Wrestling Championships and is a very efficient wat to obtain a duck under as it involves letting the opponent think they have achieved a dominant hand control position while in fact they opened themselves to the duck under attack.

How does the Gadisov Duck Under work?

The movement works because the opponents arm angle on the wrist they have grabbed will force them to use smaller muscle groups such as the rotator cuff muscles in order to fight the duck under movement. This allows the attacker an easier path to achieve the back position as the actual bio-mechanics of the defenders position are much weaker due to the fact they cannot use larger muscle groups to defend the duck under move.

Important Detail to The Gadisov Duck Under

The main key to the Gadisov Duck under is to be really loose so the opponent will take the proper grip and movement as there is not much resistance. Once they start moving for the grip, that is the time to attack.

In Conclusion

Here is a wrestling video on the Gadisov Duck under we have on the Grapplezilla YouTube channel that shows all the details needed to achieve this great wrestling position.

This Duck Under move is a great Russian wrestling move to add to any wrestler’s toolbox, it will surprise the competition and allow a wrestler to get into dominant positions to score points.


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