Anatoly Bykov – Greco Roman Wrestling Great

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A truly revered icon of Soviet Greco Roman Wrestling, Anatoly Bykov was born on March 10th, 1955 in Russia. Bykov is a true legend of Greco Roman Wrestling and has one of the most accomplished careers in Soviet sport.

Anatoly Bykov’s Early Years

A truly talented wrestler from an early age, Bykov showed coaches his dedication and raw talent that got his coaches to place an eye on him. Bykov was a physical specimen who had an amazing work ethic which enabled him to become one of the best wrestlers in the Soviet Union early within his wrestling career.

Anatoly Bykov’s Competitive Years

It was in 1975 where Anatoly Bykov would win his first Greco Roman Wrestling World Championship. This big win was the catalyst for Bykov to dominate the competition and win many championships both nationally and internationally.

Anatoly Bkykov Wrestler
Anatoly Bkyov Wrestler

The pinnacle of Bykov’s achievements came in 1976 at the Summer Olympics in Montreal, Canada, where he clinched a Gold medal in the 74kg Greco-Roman wrestling category against Czech Wrestling legend Vítězslav Mácha. This huge Olympic Greco Roman Wrestling win would have the entire Soviet Union as well as the entire wrestling world place him as the leader of the pack and establish his position as a Greco Roman Wrestling legend.

Bykov’s next Olympic adventure would be at the 1980 Moscow Summer Olympics where Bykov would win the Silver Medal thus adding to his already prestigious wrestling career.

Known for his technical prowess, fighting spirit and the rocksteady pressure he would place on opponents made him a true nightmare to wrestle against.

Anatoly Bykov as a Wrestling Coach

After retiring from Greco Roman Wrestling competition, Anatoly Bykov would become a wrestling coach and mentor to the next generation of aspiring wrestlers wanting to become Olympic and World champions. Bykov is an incredible coach, sharing his expertise and technical knowledge with his wrestlers which was widely respected in the Wrestling World.

In Conclusion

A true example of when a person gives 100% in the sport they love, Bykov conquered everything there was to conquer in wrestling and is a true legend of Greco Roman Wrestling as well as a true Grapplezilla.


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