How to Defend the Low Single Takedown

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Knowing how to wrestle means you need to have both good offensive wrestling skills as well as good defensive wrestling skills.

There are many types of throws and takedowns that can be done in wrestling and knowing how to defend against these attacks is pivotal in becoming a great wrestler.

One of the most common attacks that a wrestler needs to understand how to defend against if the low single leg takedown.

Defend the Low Single Leg Takedown

The basis of this single leg takedown defense as well as any type of wrestling defense is to be able to first shut down the opponent’s offensive ability and to immediately counterattack once you defend.

This defensive technique against the single leg is often used in Russian and Dagestani wrestling as well as it can be found in Folkstyle wrestling. It relies on shutting down your opponent’s shoulders and placing all weight over the lower portion of your opponents’ hips and most importantly reaching around to place your hand in the pocket of your opponent’s reverse side front hip. This making it very hard for them to scramble out of the position.

If done correctly, you end up behind your opponent and in a dominant position for points and more attacks.

This wrestling defensive technique work well in Freestyle Wrestling, Folkstyle Wrestling, BJJ, Submission Grappling and even MMA.

Here is a video we made for the Grapplezilla YouTube channel where we provide all the details needed for this super easy way to defend the low single and end up in a dominant wrestling position.


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