The Russian Wrist Snap

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One of the most amazing wrestling moves to see when pulled off correctly is the Russian Wrist Snap also known as the Geduev move. When done correctly, it looks like the opponent is being rag dolled like an older sibling would do to a much younger sibling when wrestling around as kids. It is a great move that has come out of Russian Wrestling and one of the most impressive moves to see in competition.

Russian Wrist Snap Training
Russian Wrist Snap Training

The benefit of the Russian Wrist Snap is that if done successfully, will lead to a very simple back take on Par Terre which can be used to go for more points should the wrestler decide to.

How To Do The Russian Wrist Snap

The Russian Wrist Snap is quite a technically simple wrestling move but one of the more difficult wrestling techniques to pull in terms of timing. It takes a lot of practice to understand when to pull off the technique but once mastered, it is an excellent technique to have in your wrestling portfolio.

There are a few steps needed to do a Russian Wrist Snap.

The first thing you will need to do is obtain wrist or hand control, make sure you have a good grip to avoid the opponent slipping out when you’re going for the move. The best time to attain the grip is when the hand is around hip height and when the opponent is lower in stance, wider foot placement and weight slightly leaning forward.

The second thing you need to do is get the opponent to move off balance. The easiest way to do this will be to fake a shot to the leg opposite to your side grip, this means if you have a grip on his hand with your right arm, you will fake to the opponent’s left leg.

Russian Wrist Snap Gadisov
Russian Wrist Snap Gadisov

This is extremely important as by doing so, the opponent will shift their weight and relieve one of their posts (in this case one of their legs) which will leave them with only one post touching the ground. Wrestling is all about creating posts when defending and eliminating posts when attacking. By removing a post, the opponent’s balance is offset and in a perfect balance point to be taken down.

The third thing you need to do is take a large step to the side while lowering your level while at the same time moving the opponent’s hand a slight bit forward and across their body in a circular motion. A fantastic detail is to try to “sweep” the floor with the opponent’s hand (without touching the mat, but getting close to it).

Geduev Move
Geduev Move

Another thing to take note of is if you can catch the opponent’s ankle when faking the ankle pick, you can use the opponent;s leg to create a lot of leverage for the takedown. You can do this by punching the ankle control away from yourself in order to create a lot of extra rotation on the throw. A great example of using the ankle can be seen by Aniuar Geduev, a master of the Russian Wrist Snap.

Once the opponent falls to the mat, keep the hand control till they fall on their stomach/knees as this will prevent them from posting and being able to defend. In the meantime start moving towards the opponent’s back trying to gain a bear hug and place pressure on the opponent for the points.

Russian Wrist Snap Finish Position
Russian Wrist Snap Finish Position

In Conclusion

The Russian Wrist Snap is a favorite of Russian wrestling stars Abdusalam Gadisov and Aniuar Geduev. It is a great low risk move that if done properly, leads to great advantageous positioning for points and continuation of par terre should one need.

This move is a great move to have in your technique list as it is a great solution to many hand fighting positions where the opponent is not overly active. The Russian Wrist Snap is a truly great technique and will leave spectators in awe when they see it.


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