Omer Emanoely Wins EBI 19 U.S Open Qualifier

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Omer Emanoely Wins EBI 19 US Open Qualifier

Once again, the Eddie Bravo International 19 U.S. Open Qualifier did not disappoint as there was a ton of action on the mats with top tier athletes grappling one another to take the title.

Omer Emanoely Training at DopamineO Gym
Omer Emanoely Training at DopamineO Gym

The winner of the event was Israel’s Omer Emanoely who had a world class performance, subletting all four of his opponents by way of leglock and earning his place at the EBI 19 Event.

Omer Emanoely has been on a winning streak recently and is expected to be a force to reckon with in the future. He trains BJJ at Cohen Brothers JiuJitsu in Israel under coaches Alon and Ron Cohen as well as Omer trains Wrestling at DopamineO Gym in Israel with Coach Hanoch Rahamin.

Training multiple times a day and now holding big wins at the EBI 19 US Open Qualifier and at the 2021 American National IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championship all by way of leg lock, Omer Emanoely is for sure to make an impact in future grappling competitions to come.



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