The Peruvian Necktie for Beginners

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The Peruvian necktie is a truly effective choke when done properly, it works in both Gi and Nogi, it has been used in BJJ, Judo, Submission wrestling and MMA matches with devastating results and it is a submission everyone should have in their arsenal.

Although the Peruvian necktie looks like a complicated submission, it is not as complicated as one would think it is, the main point when it comes to going for a Peruvian necktie is when to use the Peruvian necktie but don’t worry, we’ll address that later on in this article.

Peruvian Necktie
Peruvian Necktie

What makes this submission so effective is once it is latched on, it behaves as both a choke and a crank which results in incredibly quick taps when applied correctly. The Peruvian necktie is similar to several submissions like the guillotine choke, D’arce choke, anaconda choke and Japanese necktie as well as all these submissions can be great setups to open up to the Peruvian necktie

Who Came Up With The Peruvian Necktie

The inventor of the Peruvian necktie submission was a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu blackbelt and MMA fighter from Peru named Tony De Souza, it must also be noted that credit must be given to the world class BJJ coach Andre Pederneiras of Nova Uniao who helped Tony develop the submission to what it is today. The name Perucian necktie simply came from the fact that Tony De Souza is Peruvian and the hand grip used on the submission goes around the neck like a necktie, hence the name – the Peruvian necktie.

How to Do A Pervian Necktie

The best time to get a Peruvian necktie is when you have achieved a front headlock position, this usually comes off a sprawl, hard snap down or when you have an opponent in turtle position with you on top in a front headlock position. If you can achieve any of these setup positions, you are already halfway to getting the choke.

Once you get the opponent in a front headlock you want to go around their neck like a necktie would and clasp your hands in a Gable grip, although it is possible to use an S grip, 5 finger grip and even a classic hand on wrist grip in the case you are fighting MMA and have to work around the MMA glove. Now it is important to make sure that you have 1 of the opponent’s arm’s in your grip as this will allow you to secure the choke and prevent them from escaping using their arm.

Competition Peruvian Necktie
Competition Peruvian Necktie

You want to have your chest a bit over his torso when going for the choke as it will create a much tighter choke and give more of a neck crank feeling due to the angle the opponent’s neck will be at when you switch your body to go in for the choke.

So now you have achieved the body position and the grip so next is to crouch down and sit on the same side as the your’s opponent’s arm that you have trapped BUT make sure to sit at an angle and not straight backwards as by sitting at an angle you achieve 2 things, one is your hand that is on the neck will have more room to choke and the second is that the hand that is trapped by your arms will press the opponent’s shoulder into their neck and cut off blood supply much like an arm triangle does.

Once you are going to sit backward you must throw your leg over the opponent’s head this is absolutely vital as it completely closes the choke and what makes the Peruvian necktie different to other front headlock based chokes.

Now here is another Peruvian necktie tip, the side to which you sit down to in order to create an angle will need your leg that is of the saem side to either be thrown onto their back or hook the leg in order to create more pressure and better prevent the opponent from escaping the perucian necktie. This simply means if you sit to the left of the opponent you hook the opponent’s leg or throw your leg on the opponent’s back with your left leg.

Once all these particular details of the Peruvian necktie are done then you must use both your legs to push downwards against the opponent’s head and body and arms to squeeze and pull on the opponent’s neck in order to finish the submission and truly create an immense amount of pressure on your opponent’s neck.

In Conclusion

The Peruvian necktie is a choke that when placed properly is a truly great finisher, it has been used in the UFC, Grappling tournaments, BJJ Tournaments and at high level Judo competitions. It’s a very good counter choke to a wrestling shot and should be part of every grappler’s submission portfolio.


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