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If you follow professional Jiu Jitsu, then you know Mikey Musumeci is one of the best grappler’s on the planet. At just 25 years old, Mikey has already won 4 IBJJF world titles and will no doubt win more.

Here is the backstory on one of Jiu Jitsu’s best, Michael “Mikey” Musumeci. Detailing his journey of training in different gyms and developing one of the most effective games in BJJ.

Musumeci’s early travels

Mike was born in New Jersey and lived in the state until he was ten. He started Jiu Jitsu when he was just four years old under Fernando Cabeça at Fatjo’s Martial Arts Academy.

Even as a young kid, Musumeci showed a lot of potential within Jiu Jitsu and quickly became passionate about training.

His family would make their first move to Florida when he was 10 and began training with Marcelo Ribeiro. This would only be for a short time as Ribeiro moved to Texas and Mikey began training with Emyr Brussade.

Emyr ran an American Top Team affiliate school and under Brussade, Mikey became one of the country’s best juvenile grapplers. He would be with Brussade up until he became a juvenile blue belt and won his first IBJJF World Championship.

Musumeci’s family would move once again to Miami, where he began training under Javil Byron, who gave him his purple belt. Then Mikey’s family would move back to Boca Raton, Florida and he began training under Brussade again.

In Boca Raton, Musumeci would also teach classes at Jaco Training Center and befriended Gilbert Burns. Mikey also befriended the Mendes brothers through Brussade and would frequently make trips to California to train with them. 

He would also train briefly with GFTeam black belt AJ Sousa at his school. Even though he would frequently bounce around from academy to academy, Musumeci developed an incredible Jiu Jitsu game.

Winning worlds at every level before earning his black belt from Jonatas Gurgel and Gilbert Burns in a joint ceremony. 

Mikey Musumeci’s first year at black belt

There was a lot of hype behind Mikey when he entered the black belt division. He won at every lower rank and it was expected he would quickly win a world title at black belt.

Early on it seemed like Musumeci would achieve this goal as he would once again dominate in competition. Winning  every competition he entered and even beat Joao Miyao at the American Nationals.

Although, Mikey would come up just short of winning a world title in his first year as a black belt. Losing by an advantage in the world’s finals in 2016.

Mikey Musumeci begins training under Caio Terra

After coming up short in 2016, Mikey would once again switch academies. This time, he would begin training under Caio Terra, one of the greatest Gi grapplers of all time.

Under Terra, Musumeci took his skills to another stratosphere. He would add even more elements to his incredible Jiu Jitsu game that would lead to incredible success in competition.

In 2017, Mikey would sweep at the IBJJF European Championship and the Abu Dhabi World Pro Championship. Then at his second world championship, he would not falter. Sweeping his division to earn his first IBJJF world title at black belt.

Musumeci makes history 

After winning his first world title at black belt, Mikey would come back to competition in 2018 and once again dominate. 

He would make his 3rd appearance at the world’s event and beat all 4 of his opponents. Becoming the first American to ever win back to back world titles at black belt.

Although, he wasn’t done making history just yet. Mikey would be back at the world title in 2019, but this time at rooster weight.

People watching the event saw that Mikey had an extremely hard weight cut and was suffering before his first match. He would power through and beat his first two opponents 8-2.

Setting him up against 10x world champion and rooster weight GOAT Bruno Malfacine. Mikey would take out the legend and win 10-8 to punch his ticket to his 4th world championship finals.

He would once again make history as he submitted Rodnei Barbosa by ankle lock in the first 30 seconds. Making history once again and winning his 3rd world title.

Mikey Musumeci’s BJJ game

Musumeci has one of the most complex games in all of Jiu Jitsu. Training with numerous elite BJJ instructors helped  him develop an incredible guard.

From his time training with the Mendes brothers, Mikey developed an incredible DLR guard and berimbolo. Then while training under Caio Terra, Musumeci further developed his guard game.

Adding the crab ride and becoming very adept at IBJJF legal foot locks. Specifically the botinha, which he has once numerous matches with.

Mikey’s guard is arguably the best in modern Jiu Jitsu.

Musumeci’s move to No-Gi

In 2020, Mikey would take a leap into uncharted territory as he would enter No-Gi competitions. The BJJ world was anxious to see if he could translate his game in Gi to No-Gi.

To the surprise of no one, Mikey was just as good without the Gi. He made his No-Gi debut at WNO 7 and submitted top No-Gi grappler Marcelo Cohen with an armbar/triangle.

In his next No-Gi match against Lucas Pinheiro, Mikey would show off his newest creation. A heel hook and ankle lock variation he developed that was dubbed the “Mikey lock.”

It has become one of the most talked about moves in No-Gi. Musumeci has just gotten started in No-Gi and has gone 5-1 since the transition.

Musumeci wins his 4th world title

Just this past month, Musumeci made his 5th IBJJF Worlds appearance. This time he trained with the Daisy Fresh boys of Pedigo Submission Fighting.

Just like the year prior, Mikey showed he is one of the best grapplers in the world. Using the botinha to beat his first two opponents and beat Malfacine for a second time.

Winning his 4th world championship and adding to his unbelievable record.

What’s next for Mikey Musumeci?

At 25 years old, Mikey Musumeci has already accomplished everything in the Gi. He has now won 4 IBJJF world championships and will no doubt win more before he calls it a career.

Musumeci is also on a new mission to become one of the best in No-Gi Jiu Jitsu. If he is able to win the IBJJF or ADCC world title, he will arguably be one of the greatest grapplers of all time.


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