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Judo is an amazing martial art for kids with millions of children practicing the soft art, it is no wonder that Judo is a hit when it comes to martial arts for kids. Many young parents often ask if Judo is good for Kids, and the answer is YES!

The benefits of teaching judo to your kids can be broken down into multiple categories. The most obvious benefit is that it teaches them self defense skills. Judo teaches your kids to know when and how to use their opponent’s strength and weight against them, which can really come in handy in real life situations.

The discipline aspect of judo is also a huge benefit for kids who are looking for a way to manage their anger or aggression. They learn how to be patient, tactful, and respectful while engaging in physical competition with their peers.

Finally, the fun aspect of judo for kids should not be overlooked as it provides a great opportunity for your child to meet other kids with similar interests.

Kids Judo Class
Kids Judo Class

What is Judo?

Judo is a grappling based martial art and Olympic sport. The goal of the practice is to either throw your opponent to the ground or pin them on the mat. It takes many years of practice to learn the judo techniques and it is not uncommon for people who are new to judo to be thrown onto their back during a match.

There are several different types of techniques in Judo such as shime-waza (choking techniques), kansetsu-waza (joint locking techniques), nage-waza (Judo throwing techniques) and atemi-waza (striking techniques).

Judo is practiced by tens of millions around the world and is an absolutely wonderful martial art.

Judo’s Benefits for a Child’s Development

Judo is a great way to teach children discipline and respect.

A study found that the development of a child is positively affected by Judo. The study was done with children between the ages of 8-13. As they grew up, they gained mental advantages such as being able to control their emotions better and increased social skills.

Through the practice of Judo, children have a chance to build friendships while still improving their self-esteem and gaining confidence. 

Another great benefit of Judo for a child’s development is coordination. Judo is a very technical martial art that requires a lot of coordination. Through practice, children learn how to use their body in a coordinated manner in order to throw the opponent. As time goes by, children will learn how to use their legs and arms in unison along with changing levels against a resisting opponent which is an excellent way to develop a child’s coordination.

Building a child’s physical strength is a great benefit of judo as children work on all muscles of their body such as the legs, shoulders, back, arms and abdominal muscles. Kids learn how to roll, somersault, lift up other children and lift themselves up, all of which develops a child’s physical attributes in a safe, natural and healthy manner.

Tips for Parents on How to Teach a Child Judo

Teaching Kids Judo
Teaching Kids Judo

One of the best ways to teach a child judo is by sending them to an organized club.

A club environment provides many benefits and will improve their judo skills. They will be able to learn from more advanced players and coaches, receive encouragement, gain confidence, and be surrounded by a supportive community.

The other way is to do it at home. This will require time commitment from both parties but there are many benefits as well. One of the most important ones is that the child has their own mat set up at home where they can practice judo whenever they want.

The Benefits of Teaching your Kid the Art of Judo

Judo is an amazing Japanese martial art to teach your children because it teaches them how to be aggressive without being violent.

The benefits of teaching your child judo include:

– Judo teaches children how to be aggressive without being violent, which is a benefit in today’s society where children are exposed to bullying and violence on a regular basis.

– Judo provides an outlet for pent up energy with exercises such as running, stretching, and jumping rope. This can help prevent behavioral problems such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).

– Judo teaches discipline because it requires the child to focus on mastering the techniques. This will help improve their understanding of putting in time and effort in order to gain results. This quickly translates into other real world activities especially into studying better at school and learning that the work they put into something will reap the rewards that the work deserves.

Conclusion: Why Every Parent Should Initiate Their Kids into the World of Judo!

Judo is an amazing sport that has been shown to have many benefits for kids and adults alike. It is a great way to learn more about physicality, as well as the importance of being humble and respecting your opponent.

Kids will learn a lot about themselves, they will learn how to deal with defeat and most importantly learn that through hard work, they can achieve great results.


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