8 Best BJJ Gi Submissions for Beginners

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Brazilian Jiu-jitsu has an incredibly vast array of submissions that number in the hundreds if not thousands as there are so many different variations and setups into each submission that to know them all is virtually impossible.

Megaton Teaching Triangle Choke
Megaton Teaching Triangle Choke

Although there are so many different submissions, they are generally from the same root, meaning they are a type of straight arm lock, type of heel hook, type of collar choke etc…..

When starting BJJ you should make sure you focus on the submissions that can really build a quality gameplan if mastered and try not to be a technique collector who knows a ton of techniques but cannot pull any of them off.

Here are the 8 must know gi submissions (and variations) for bjj beginners.

Arm Bar from The Guard and Mount

The arm bar (also known as Juji-Gatame) is an absolute gem of a submission, it is used at all levels, it is high percentage and quite easy to learn. It is vital that newcomers to bjj know how to effectively use the arm bar from both guard and mount as this will enable them to finally produce offense form the 2 most common positions in BJJ.

Triangle Choke from The Guard

Another must know move is the triangle choke (also known as the Sankaku-Jime), it is great for those who have longer legs as well as it truly is a submission where a smaller person can utterly put a larger person to sleep. The use of the legs makes this move extremely tight when applied.

Americana from mount position and side position

A very simple but very effective submission that is known by many names such as Ude Garami, figure four armlock, top wrist lock and keylock. This lock works best when in side mount or full mount and it is a must know submission for bjj beginners. It is a mirror position to another submission called the Kimura as the American is performed when an opponent is in an upward “L” position while the Kimura is performed when the arm is in a downward “L” position.

Kimura from Guard and Side Control

A very effective submission is the Kumura which is also known as Gyaku Ude Garami, double wristlock and chicken wing, it is a great submission to get from the guard and side control (submitting when in side control is much more common) as well as it is an excellent submission for law enforcement personnel when done in side control as it creates a very opportunity to attach handcuffs as well as you are extremely upright with great weight distribution on top of the person. When attempting the Kimura from the guard, often it can lead to a hip bump sweep (aka Kimura Sweep) when the opponent resists.

Mate Leo A.K.A. The Rear Nake Choke

The RNC (Rear Naked Choke also known as Mate Leo) is the go to move for a beginner when on the back of an opponent, once the RNC is properly placed it’s tap or light’s out.

Guillotine from The Guard and Standing

The Guillotine choke (also known as Mae Hadaka Jime as well as front naked choke) is excellent for self defense as well as a choke that is always going to be effective at all levels. The Guillotine can be performed in the guard or when standing where you arm chokes the opponent in a guillotine movement and is a very effective choke when done correctly.

Cross Collar Choke from The Guard

This is an absolutely amazing submission, it is used from white belt to black belt and it truly can be used by the smallest stature people to effectively choke out huge behemoths. The key to this submission is in the wrists and angle of the wrists while a very common mistake is to flare your elbow out when trying to choke (make sure to not fall for this). The cross collar choke also has another benefit, it can open up many other moves as once you go for the choke the opponent will need to stop everything they are doing and defend and in this time you can perform other techniques if need be.

Arm Triangle

An extremely powerful choke that is easy to finish with when done correctly, the arm triangle is best done from top position. The great thing about the arm triangle is it can be done during the transition between positions and if you need to abort the submission it leaves you in a great position to attack.

In Conclusion

Learning the submissions provided in this article will really help you develop a great submission game for the BJJ and a strong foundation that you can rely on when you need to finish the fight on the ground.


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